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Fish for Free

Are you trying to pick up some sponsors to help cover the cost of your addiction?  Scott Rauber has written 2 ebooks that are very helpful.  You can find them by going to the following link.  You will see the book on the lefthand side of the screen.  This book has really helped me.  Take a look.  I will be posting tidbits and lessons learned about obtaining sponsorship in the category “Sponsorship”.  Check back for more.


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Animated Fishing Knots


Do you want to learn how to tie a particular knot?  Check out these animated instructions.  Let me know if this is helpful or if you have a better site to visit.  Click on this link which will take you to our website, then click on the link titled Animated Knots by Grog. 

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One big mother

dustoffoldlures.jpgMinnesota Fishing Hall of Fame

Yeah…Yeah…I know. It’s the wrong species for this website but this one got me into the Minnesota Fishing Hall of Fame.  Cut me some slack…You can’t tell me you wouldn’t want to share this.

I caught this 45″ Northern Pike on Whiteface Reservoir in Minnesota on a #3 Mepps Spinner Gold with a Yellow bucktail. Sometimes it pays to go with the classics. I weighed this monster on a digital scale that I believe is whacked. It showed 18.5 lbs. All measurements and fish length/girth calculation show this fish at 21.5 to 22.5 lbs. Either way, it’s a nice fish. Bottom line is, next time your out wetting a line, don’t be afraid to let some of your old lures take a swim. They need the exercise and could surprise you.


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Eye am hooked on fishing

Hooked in the eye

Ouch!!! Who wants to go through that? Now tell the truth, how many close calls have you had? I know I have had a few. One that involved a utility knife and me balancing on top of a chain link fence but that’s a whole different level of stupid. Maybe we’ll discuss that another time, right now I want to talk about fishing and one of our most valuable assets, eyesight. How many times did your mom tell you “don’t run with scissors, you’ll poke your eye out”? But you kept on doing it. What are the chances that you would actually fall and happen to poke yourself right in the eye? Probably about the same chances as hooking yourself in the eye. I bet this guy is thinking “Man, how could I be so stupid?” His situation could have been a close call that he and his fishing buddy could have laughed about years down the road if he had used a little caution and used the proper protective gear. I had two close calls last summer. The first one happened during a tournament. I had found a “honey hole” and I was catching 2 to 3 pounders like crazy. I set the hook on one like I was Kevin VanDam only to get a face full of bass slime. The 8″ bass was yanked clean out of the water, skipped off my face almost knocking me out of the boat, and landed 10′ on the opposite side. After I looked around to make sure nobody saw that, I had to laugh. After I started fishing again I thought how bad that could have been. On another occassion I set the hook like a champ but missed the fish. There was nothing I could do as I watched and listened to the lure hissing through the air directly at my son. It smacked him in the forehead and continued on for another 20-30′. He was not wearing glasses and could have been seriously injured. Thankfully mine have only been close calls but they could just as easily been life changing events. These close calls happen so fast that there is no time to react. I have decided to always wear glasses when fishing and always make sure everyone in my boat follows suit. I carry 4-5 pair of glasses in my boat for a couple reasons…one is if my fishing partner forgets theirs or doesn’t have any and the other is so I have different glasses for the changing conditions. During low light it is easy to remove your glasses or it’s just as easy and much safer to switch to a clear or light tint lense. Your eyesight and that of others in your boat can not be replaced. Use glasses to guard against injury and enjoy many more days on the water.

The Original Bad Bass Boy

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3rd Place in District Championship

American Bass Anglers

Well I finished the year with a good showing at the district championship. After day 1, I was in 1st place by a couple pounds. At the start of day 2 our director had to point out that “nobody has won if they are in the lead going into day 2.” Well it turns out he was right. It was very windy and cold. I chose to work out of the wind and to work slow. I was not having a lot of luck but I was catching fish. They were not quite big enough though. Then I hooked up with a nice one that looked to be about 3.5 – 4lbs. I will never know because he wrapped my line around a sharp corner on a boat lift and proceeded to saw through my line. I must say, I am impressed with Power Pro line. It held up for five of his charges but finally gave out on number 6. I ended the day with 3 or 4 fish and only 5-6lbs. It was enough to place 3rd in the championship and 5th or 6th in the state for the year. I hope to better next year.

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Bad Bass Boys Team takes 1st Place!!!!!!!

Northern Lakes Fishing League

The Original Bad Bass Boys Team took over the 1st Place position for the year with a 1st Place finish on Aug 9th in a field of 36 competitors. We weighed in 5 Bass for a total of 11.49 lbs. Almost 3.5 lbs ahead of everyone. Our big fish for the day was 4.39 lbs. Now we have our work cut out, we need to maintain our standing thru two more events.

Get the Net!!! It’s a HAWG!!!!!
The Original Bad Bass Boy

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Workin my way up. 6th Place Finish

American Bass Anglers

Had a great day of Bass fishing on Aug 6th. I must have caught 30 keepers but all of them were about a 2 lb average. The strange part was I caught all of them in one spot about 40 feet long. I guess that’s what you would call a ‘Honey Hole’. I used two lures all day…a green senko, weightless, rigged Texas style and a pumpkin Zoom baby brush hog. If I missed a strike on one, I would follow up with the other and usually land them. My key to success was to work extremely slow and methodical. I weighed in 5 Bass for a total of 11.30 lbs. I took 6th out of 44 competitors.

Get the Net!!! It’s a HAWG!!!
The Original Bad Bass Boy

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8th Place Finish

American Bass Anglers

The American Bass Anglers (ABA) formerly known as the Military Bass Anglers, is a great tournament trail for both beginners as well as more experienced tournament anglers. Each district that I have fished has a great group of fishermen that enjoy the competition but don’t get to crazy. The cost is surprisingly low. Just $25 to become a member and then about $58 per One Day Tournament. If you don’t own a boat that’s OK. This is a draw tournament which means they will pair you with a boater but you compete individually. If you have not tried fishing in a tournament I would highly recommend finding an ABA district in your area. You can get more information by going to On July 23rd 06 I took 8th place out of 40 fishermen. Not bad for a rookie eh? I weighed in 5 fish for a total of 13.27 lbs. I’ll keep you posted on future tournaments.

Get the Net….It’s a HAWG!!!
The Original Bad Bass Boy

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Still holding on to 4th place

Northern Lakes Fishing League

Well we took 5th in todays tourney with a weight of 5.23 lbs. This should tell you something about what kind of day it was on the water. 1st place was taken with 7.09 lbs. It was a tough day out there. We are still holding our 4th place year to date standing and we have 3 tourneys to go. The Bad Bass Boy Team has got there work cut out for them. We are feeling very confident with the next three lakes but we may put in one extra pre-fish on each lake just to give ourselves the extra edge. So far we have only pre-fished 3 hrs on each lake. We are 3 lbs out of 1st place but plan to close that gap and hopefully surpass that mark during the next event. I will keep you posted.

“Get the net!!! It’s a Hawg!!!”

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2nd Place

Northern Lakes Fishing League

We are climbing our way to the top. We finished the 3 hour tourney with 5 fish and a weight of 10 lb 13 oz but we were penalized .5 lb for a dead fish. I got a deep hookset on him. I try to avoid this to help preserve the sport but sometimes it is unavoidable. I didn’t even know he had picked up my lure until I saw the line start to swim away. We finished in 2nd place for this event but I believe we climbed into the Top 3 bracket for the year so far. We have 4 tourneys left to complete the year. Our key to success has been to go with what we know but also plan to try new ideas, lures and tactics. We have been catching a few keepers by trying new approaches but in such a short tourney you don’t have time to expeiriment to much. We eventually migrate back to our comfort zone about 1.5 hrs into the 3 hr event. We will continue with this strategy until it becomes unproductive. Find a league in your area and sign up. It’s an awesome way to spend an evening!

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